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December 26, 2013


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For this Christmas holidays I wanted to do something special for all the people who appears in my watchers list, all of you are the reason why I keep coming back to DA, and for you I try to improve my artworks. Thank you!

So I decided to make another special Journal of features, even if some of you  never write me a comment, Im happy just for having you on my list.

A clarifying note; unfortunately I can´t put everyone here, mostly because some watchers have changed accounts and they don´t use the old ones anymore, others are deactivated or simply have not been here in a looooong time (a year or more) and most likely they will not return. :(

Anyway, There are some of the artworks that I picked up, sorry I couldn't search your galleries more deeply more than the surface pages, this was something slow and I have little time.
First of all :iconpetite-sparrow: ; She was kind enough to make a request for me,  from my character "the Nightmarish musician" thanks a lot ,I love it, this design is more similar to how I dreamed her. 
She is not a watcher, hence the title of "special guest" 
sketch request for Lookatvoid by Petite-Sparrow
Now here comes my friends and watchers:


:iconapplebeans:         somepony please make my tears stop by applebeans
I will not lie, sometimes I stalk my watchers :iconstalkingplz: because of this I learned that you are considered a legend around these parts (I feel honored) and your works are always followed by controversy. I must admit that I was a bit shocked  at first too, but then I found this little interview.… And I learned  and I learned to appreciate your style a little more.. My favorite part of the interview: "I make my art to make people laugh".
:iconave-nu:             Together by ave-nu
One of my oldestr friends here, in DA I like your style for draw characters and backgrounds in manga style, (and , a bit of envy, to tell the truth). when I began to draw, I took several of your work as an example, when I was talking to my brother about how to do things (look the look at the shape of the mouth, the eyes, the expression that has, etc...)
:iconbamm24:             Some Ram Girl by Bamm24
I haven´t heard about you in a while, I hope you come back...
:iconbigmasi:            Sombra by BigMasi
Usted tambien, era muy activo y entonces se ha ido... 
Tengo que decir; siempre me gustó su imaginación y variados conceptos y siempre creí que era capaz de hacer cualquier cosa que quisiera, con cualquier técnica  que escogiera, símplemente porque puede. 
Lo estaré esperando.
:iconchosaguro:          2013 Summary of Art by chosaguro  
I know that you had little free time lately and with the concern of the school (I read your journals but I don´t know what to say) anyway, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. catches my attention the variety of styles you have, digital art, pixel art, etc...
  By the way I wanted to put "Mr. Corgi" in this journal, but finally I choose to put your summary of art.
A change of name? Huh? I was confused at first, "Who is this guy? but after a short look at your homepage I understand everything.
I remember the time when my teacher of literature (greatly feared for his strong mood, by the way) one of the many facets of literature, "The literature as a game" She said. Now you you remind me of that phrase every time I read something of yours; playing with the words, the ideas, the metaphors... or even direct messages, all artfully organized.  

:iconcoffeebeanie:       Puppy stamp by coffeebeanie     
How are you? You know? I still keep that note of congrats of February 14. Is the first thing I think of when I receive a note. That's already an implanted idea. 
:icondahrial:            <da:thumb id="402076272"/>                
I know, I know... This is an alternative account, but it is in my watchers list :shrug: furthermore I am fan of the TCGs and CCGs in general, so I could not ignore this stamp of chaotic... 

(No! I would not put the stamp of "I ship Satan" here, contradicts the Christmas theme).
:icondjdanilly:           Boy's Private ThoughtsBoy's Private Thoughts
Sitting there glaring at his mother, he had such rage at this very moment all throughout his body.
So much rage that he became someone else in his inner most private thoughts he was picturing unspeakable acts.  Much like an animals uncontrollable urge to kill.  In this daydream he just snapped.
He wanted to rip her brain out of her skull and he would do it
He would have to crack her stupid skull first,
Torturing her for hours would be sweet as pie.
But for right now he needed a quick and hefty action.  
He would take much pleasure shoving her stubborn little head into a hard cold brick wall
But right at that moment the anger was increasing and everything he sees is red.   The blissful thought comes to life.
Grabbing her skull he loved to crack it open like a hard egg
A titillating rush he felt when his fingers pierced through her brain.  
Every single layer of brain tissue pushing underneath his fingernails, one finger at a time dug into
I don´t know much about you, you do not use much your account, but I remember your advices and that´s why I chose to add you to my watchlist. 
:icondroganaida:         Something is wrong, isn't it? by Droganaida   
     is always a pleasure to watch your work, very inventive and funny. Good that I found your account.  
:iconhastsmak:           Beary 004 by hastsmak  
from what I've seen you're a very naturalist person. you put me to think always with your posts in Facebook about what I do wrong. :noes: By the way, why I pick this artwork here? well is very recent and, considering my fondness for plushies, I had to choose this bear, he was yelling at me "pick me, pick me". 
:iconhoneysempailover:   The tale about that day by honeysempailover      
 probably with whom I have been more in touch in DA. One of my oldest friends and probably the person who softened my mood (when I arrived here I was an emo-like guy grafted with Tasmanian devil genes, or something like that). Lately she has been very busy, since then this place feels very lonely ...                      -------------------------------------------- 
:iconingwellritter:      The Lovers by IngwellRitter 
No hay mucho que decirte mas que; tu arte es maravilloso. ¿De quié otra forma explicas un DD? (de hecho, dos, creo). Se que siempre estas extrtemadamente ocupada, por eso realmentew disfruto los comentarios que me has hecho.
:iconladyanaila:         Dwarf by LadyAnaila 
Sí, ¡tenía que escoger al Dwarf para éste listado! ¿por qué no? ¡Es mi favorito de tu galería! tambien he notado que mejoras bastante con el tiempo. Fotomanipulación, suena complicado; cuidando los detalles, que la imagen no se vea fuera de lugar, utilizar los recursos que mejor se ajusten, tener siempre en cuenta el mensaje o la idea que quieres compartir, la originalidad... no quiero ni imaginar lo que haría yo si intentara armar una imagen... no tengo la paciencia.
:iconmaggotkiing:        Teeth by MaggotKiing   
Probably you're the one who I know less, but anyway, the theme in your artworks looks promising, I'll make a few visits later. 
:iconnao1967:            Garden of the cocoons by Nao1967   I really enjoy all your artworks, so original, beautiful, unique. always creating things I would never have dreamed, you have a tremendous imagination, and I´m glad for the opportunity I had to meet you. Also I enjoy your comments, always so nice and kind. Without forgetting that many times I learn something from you. 
  By the way, I like your icon, always makes me to imagine you smiling.
:iconpenis-jam:         <da:thumb id="419278779"/>    
What can I say. with a style that can jump from bloody to tender, (and sometimes a mix between them) or from serious to funny, entertaining to watch. But I think that is better to let the summary of art to speak for me.
By the way, I know that this year was very hard for you, but now comes the new year, a new beginning, so leave behind all the bad things of the 2013 and only take with you the good memories toward 2014, OK? 
:iconraeve721:           Landscape by Raeve721   
 I've been looking at some of your work, and I see you like to add many details, is not it?That style will look great with the time Oh, and of course I had to pick this image. I love that water.                          
:iconrawrimadragon:    :iconbaanyanyaah:           Fan Art of Katawa Shoujo for StriHiryu! by BaaNyaNyaah     
Well, well, this one is the exception to the rule of change of accounts, Why? because it is recent. and did not want to take the space that already had booked, just for a few months.
:iconsashieee:           Pinkie by Sashieee   
Another of my oldest friends here in DA, and a very kind friend too, You´re so kind that I can not imagine you sad or having a bad day. you don´t deserve it. Merry Christmas!
Witcher by TowarzyszKomisarz
ok, there´s a a small update, since it has not been that long since I did this feature and your decision to add me to your watch list, I thought it would be unfair to leave you out. You have a great gallery.
 Thanks for the watch :D
Well, that´s all, This thing really took me a lot of time. But I made it for all of you, so if you want me to replace something just tell me, OK?
Ok, I'm a little tired, so Goodbye.
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djdanilly Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
I know it's late but wow, thnx, how are ya?
lookatvoid Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
I'm glad you liked it.
Just right now I feel better than a month ago, not fully recovered yet but fine. Thanks for asking.
hastsmak Featured By Owner May 22, 2014   General Artist
Thankyou for featuring me! I only just see it, or maybe I have already  commented and just re discovered it :S  hope you are good! :)  And you should not think what you do is 'wrong'  ignore what I say, be true to yourself ;)
lookatvoid Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
You´re welcome. I made these features because all of you are the ones who truly encourage me to continue. So I want to thank you somehow. 

Well, I could be true to myself, but that doesn´t  mean I can not take advices. 
hastsmak Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014   General Artist

True :)
Raeve721 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry it took me so long to see this! I've been out of town, But thank you so much for the comment and feature! And you're right, detail was always my weak point so I try to focus on it more now.

Thanks so much again!
lookatvoid Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
Good to know that you like it, Is just a small tribute and a Christmas gift for everyone.
coffeebeanie Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Student General Artist

First of all Id like to apoligize  for my absence in DA and  for my the lack of comunication with you and other friends from DA,im very verry sorry,..but wherever I  am I always think about my da friends and how they are all important to me and ofcourse youre one of them.

Ive been ok,...trying to improve  and make some  changes in my life,..but I would love to hear from you again really soon!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your dearest friends and family,my best wishes to you and hope you had a great new year!!!

Merry late Christmas!!!Misc Emoji-03 (Sparkling Gift) [V1]  Happy New Year,..and  take good care dear friend.Hug 


and thank you SOOO MUCH for the xmas feature,I truly appreciate it from your part.:) (Smile) 

lookatvoid Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
Thanks for your good wishes, actually, I had a good holiday (is an oddity, because for me, Christmas is usually awful).
Glad to know that you like it, it took me some time to prepare and arrange everything but it was worth it, if everyone is happy.I think doing it every year.
I wish you the best of luck of all. :iconbearhugplz: be well.
IngwellRitter Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Muchas gracias por el feature y felices fiestas! :hug::kiss:
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